About us

Mitch grew up in southern California and his family moved to Lake Havasu City when he was in ninth grade. Mitch enjoyed playing football and the shop classes. Studying electronics, auto shop, drafting, computer programming, and woodshop. Mitch also liked to hang out on McCulloch Blvd with the ‘car guys’. Learning has been a lifelong passion for Mitch, and he likes to know all there is about a subject he is interested in.

Mitch was introduced to the entrepreneurial life by Jim Buxton, who gave him the chance to operate a branch of Havasu Hydro-Steam in Bullhead City. Jim paid Mitch commission and so he was hooked!

Mitch met Carrie in Bullhead City where they married and proceeded to have two sons. They moved to Spokane, WA to be near Carrie’s relatives and raised their children there. Mitch worked at Whitworth University. Their two sons and Carrie obtained Bachelor Degrees and Mitch was now free to do what he had been working toward; moving back to Lake Havasu City and working his own business, Always Clean LLC floor care. They both loved being with family and seeing sunshine in the winter instead of ice and snow. The sunsets are beautiful and Carrie takes many pictures of them.

Mitch has accreditations through IICRC as a Master Textile Cleaner. Always Clean LLC is an accredited firm through IICRC. Mitch takes classes yearly to stay up to date on the latest techniques, machines, and chemicals needed. Mitch also has certifications in Color Repair, Odor Control, Stone, Masonry & Ceramic Tile Cleaning, Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning, Carpet Repair & Reinstallation, Journeyman Textile Cleaner, Carpet Cleaning, Commercial CPT Maintenance, Journeyman Water Restorer, Water Damage Restoration, and Fire & Smoke Restoration.

When Mitch isn’t working or learning the floor care business, you will find him enjoying cars, both new and old. That passion has only increased.

Mitch is always ready to talk, so if you would like to invite him out for a coffee, he would love it. Being in Havasu is coming home, and sometimes it feels like we have never left.Run to the Sun 2019 Mitch and Carrie at booth edited