London Bridge

Who could ask for a more perfect setting? Mitch and Carrie Arnold LOVE Lake Havasu and are so blessed to be here with their floor care business Always Clean LLC.

Mitch went to school here in late 1970’s, so being in Havasu is returning home. Mitch’s mom and siblings stayed in Havasu while Mitch married, raised a family in Washington state, and now came back home. Mitch remembers when the London Bridge was being positioned and there was no water under it! Driving through the city shows us how much has changed and yet how much has remained the same. City size has changed; the people have stayed the same warm friendly people that he knew as a teenager. In fact, a lot of his friends either stayed after high school or are back with families of their own.

When you call for a free estimate ask Mitch to tell you the story of his London Bridge escapade. It is a good one!

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